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Feeling hungry for some meat to chomp down on? Are you looking for a fine cut of beef or chicken patties for your restaurant or BBQ? You want to make sure that the meat you get is of the best quality and meets the health standards in Singapore. When you have a phone, of course you would want to take pictures of all the meat too. Sometimes, some food have an effect to your liver.

Meat that has been ethically sourced is also good! The way an animal is treated can have a profound effect the quality and taste of the meat. You want to make sure that the animal in question is not overfed or kept in a concrete barn. Meat that comes from companies that do not meet ethical guidelines tend to be hard and not has great tasting.

The varieties of meat that wholesale meet supplier Singapore has to offer should provide you the meat you seek for your big cook out or restaurant. Thankfully, the quality control department of the country makes sure that the meat we get on our plates is good quality, so your friends and family or your customers will put on faces of enjoy as you serve up that steak or chicken sandwich!

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There are a variety of meat dishes you can try and make, we shall list some of them below.

Philly Cheese Steak: This beef sandwich from the city of Philadelphia in the United States, consists, in it’s simplest form, a hot-dog style bun, slices of beef which are grilled and cheese which is melted on the beef all placed in between the buns. Delicious

Chicken Chop: A fried chicken dish common in Malaysia and Singapore, it usually is made from the thigh of the chicken and deep fried, served with either brown sauce or black-pepper sauce. Murtabak: A stuffed roti canai dish. It can be stuffed with a variety of meats like chicken, beef and even venison. Popular in South-East Asia and the Arabian peninsula.