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Storefront Signage Limitations

Storefront Signage Limitations

A sign board is an example of a signage that is used for establishments like stores, cafes, restaurants, and bistros. Signages are used to gain attention from fellow potential customers and also to guide us in finding places and directions we would want to go. Since we see these signages and are a normal part of our lives, we do not know that even storefront signages have their own rules and limitations.

One of the limitations for signages in Malaysia include that you must include what kind of store you have on your signage or sign board for it to be approved by the local government. The local government will give out regulations even on our signages. If you have a restaurant you are required to state out that it is a restaurant, and it can be included in both Malay and in the English language. 

Another limitation on signage is that there is a limit to how many signages you can put out to your store front, and as well where they can be placed. You must check on the local area before you buy a building, and inquire the signage laws they have placed. You must also check whether the signages are requires any license or permit. If you have a phone store then you need a signage too. And if you are a business owner, you must take care of your liver too.

Lease limitation are also to be considered. The space of your business may include some restrictions on your signs. And this may depend on what kind of product or service you sell. Another regulation is that your signages that may be required is to keep your signages clean. 

Before you can hang up or design your sign, some manufacturers require it to obtain approval of your storefront sign. This in example, if you hold a business in a mall, they may give out restrictions from the sizing, to the texts on the signage and has to be approved before it can be installed.