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The Origins Of Gambling

Have you ever sat and wondered how and when did gambling starts? You might think gambling is an awful thing due to the lead of addictions among people. Even gambling is glorified by western culture such as movies like Rounders (1998), Casino (1995) and Ocean’s Eleven (2001) which seem like a thrilling adventure to embark in. 

Lets unravel the overall meaning and gambling and where it came from. 

Gambling has taken place in humanity for as long as we can remember, even in the Paleolithic period before written history. Gambling can be defined as an activity of playing at a game of chance for money or other stakes.


One of the earliest evidence found on gambling is during 2300BC from Ancient China where tiles appeared to have been used as an early form of lottery were uncovered.

Source : Sejarah Judi Dunia dan Indonesia

Keno and ‘White Pigeon Ticket’ was then discovered in gambling houses in China during the Han Dynasty dated around 200BC when the war has caused severe financial damages for the country hence why the city’s ruler came up with a plan to raise more funds for their soldiers. 

In Ancient Rome times circa 300BC, gambling was widely enjoyed by Greek citizens. The loose fact said by the Greek poet Sophocles expressed that dice were invented by a mythological hero during Troy ‘s downfall. 

This contradicts with the fact that the existence of dice can be found during the Egyptian times and was found in a tomb dated back to 3000 BC. 

Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop the fact that the Greeks are more than willing to gamble everything they had and everything they had their eyes on although all sorts of gambling is forbidden during the time. 

For instance Checker, a game in ancient Greece called ’tilia’ and in the Roman period, was called the 12-line game. Pottery scenes indicate that betting on animal fights was also involved such as chickens and dogs  and for this reason, animals would be bred.

Source : Ancient Origins

In the 9th century, card games were popularized in China although the rules and regulations are lost in the books. 

A few suggested that the card playing is similar to the current trading card games that are played by children these days, whereas other sources say the first packs of Chinese domino cards were paper types.

It was then the Koreans played the cards using materials such as paper and silk that’s called ‘fighting arrows’ / ‘silk arrows’. 

      Source : Gambiter 

 The feather-like back design (left) and the eight

General cards, each marked with the symbol of its suit,

 from a full eight-suited deck (right).

This card game was also said to have inspired the creation of paper money in the early Chinese era. 


Source : Sick Chirpse 

This card game is one of the longest standing card games that is still widely played all around the world until now. 

This two player card game of Baccarat was first seen as long as during the 1400’s when it migrated from France to Italy and was popularized among the French nobility. 

Due to its early discovery, its version varies differently because of its drastic evolution through the decades to arrive at the current time where its version is what we are familiarized with. 

Its popularity is gained from high rollers or simply called categorized as people with tons of money. The standard version that could be found these days in casinos all around the world is the version that originated from Cuba via Britain to the United States. 

As gambling is widely spread and developed through this era, it has slowly become organized and balanced. 

During the early times of the 17th and 18th century in America, doubts about gambling were still frequent; however it was slowly welcomed among the citizens.

The first spotted casinos or gambling houses were in Venice, Italy in the 17th century. The Ridotto was established in 1638 to provide a regulated gambling atmosphere in the midst of the annual carnival season chaos.

Forwarding until the current developed style of gambling from the european version called The Little Wheel in Paris, the invention of poker and One Armed Bandits. Gambling has been revolutionized to mobile and online to keep up with the current technology wave.

There has been a major interest in online gambling due to its many advantages to players that couldn’t be found in a physical venue and as to why they prefer them. For instance because players have instant access to betting options and online gaming and social networks and understanding the increasing connection between the social network and gaming.

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